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EXBAN Supporters

A number of teachers and investigators in the sciences have assisted our earlier efforts in establishing EXBAN. While some have long been aware and struggled with the persistent exothermic bond-breaking misconception, others are only now aware of its rampant nature, and are addressing the problem in their teaching. Colleagues have provided assistance in proof-reading and criticizing texts or providing input in other ways including moral support. The following is a growing list of our supporters:

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

      Dr. Louis A. Cuccia, Chemistry & Biochemistry

      Dr. Christine E. DeWolf, Chemistry & Biochemistry

      Dr. M. Judith Kornblatt, Chemistry & Biochemistry

      Sean Hughes

Dawson College , Montreal, Canada

      Dr. Jaleel Ali, Chemistry

      Dr. Ivor Wharf, Chemistry

      Dr. Don Montecalvo, Chemistry

      Dr. Sylvia D'Apollonia, Biology

      Dr. Ray Bourgeos, Biology

      Dr. Rami. Hanna, Dept. of Biology

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

      Dr. Karine Auclair, Chemistry (Biochemistry)

      Dr. Christopher J. Barrett, Chemistry

      Dr. Masad Damha, Chemistry

      Dr. David Harpp, Chemistry

      Dr. R. Bruce Lennox, Chemistry

      Dr. Walter E. Mushynski, Biochemistry

      Dr. Hanadi Sleiman, Chemistry

Other Institutes

      Dr. Hong Kwen Boo, Natural Science and Science Education (Natural Institute of Science, Singapore).

      Ms. Annis Hapkiewicz, Science Teacher (retired) (Okemos High School, Okemos, Michigan).

      Dr. Melanie Teichert, Science Education

      Dr. Ray Fort Jr., Chemistry (University of Maine, Orono, Maine).

      Dr. Todd P. Silverstein, Chemistry (Willamette University, Salem, Oregon).

      Dr. Ian R. Hunt, Chemistry (University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta).

      Dr. Ronny Priefer, Chemistry (Niagara University, New York).


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